Neonatal Eating Outcome Assessment (NEO)

About the NEO Program

There are few tools available to assess feeding in neonates, and the ones that are available do not account for the significant developmental changes that occur from preterm birth until term equivalent age. To address this issue, we have developed the Neonatal Eating Outcome Assessment tool, which assesses the most important clinically and research-derived factors associated with feeding skills in preterm infants. This tool can potentially improve the understanding of age appropriate feeding skills, improve early identification of feeding difficulties, and enable targeted interventions to preterm infants with problems eating.

The NEO Program is currently offering a full day workshop training (individual and hospital), which includes reliability training and testing, as well as a 1-hour introductory pre-recorded training video!

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NEO Pre-recorded Video:

*For those not familiar with the NEO and who want an introduction on how to use the tool.

NEO Training Workshop (participating individually):

*For those ready to take a deep dive into the assessment of feeding in the NICU using the NEO and who wish to participate in video case analysis and reliability training and testing.

NEO Hospital Training Workshop: